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Little Talent Pre-School & Day Care

We at “Little Talent” believe in best education and balancing Fun & Learn from the very first stage of early education through our programs of Day Care, Playgroup, Nursery, Jr.Kg & Sr.Kg. implement teaching techniques involving games and sports. We have the best of teachers who educate with a sole aim to provide all what it takes for a better future of your kids.

We give education and care with the same intensity and love as you do for your child. Your kids will tell “Little Talent” a 2nd home, where he/she learns the external world through our own teaching methodology. Your kids Just Does Not Learn Here, But They Love to Learn. Forever. Let your kids discover the colours of life through Art and Fun. They love to do fun and paint colours and we give them the freedom to explore it.

Our objective is to inculcate sheer confidence in the kids so that they are able to accomplish their work without any parents’ aid. Understanding that recreation is an essential element for students to learn what can’t be found in books, we endeavour to indulge kids in every such possible activity.

To Parents, we would love to communicate with you. Join us at social media site and feel free to interact about various activities happening in and around for kids.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an academic institution of excellence dedicated to making our students exceptionally well-rounded, responsible and self-reliant individuals with knowledge, wisdom and humanity. Our Vision can be summarized as – Loving, Able, Aspiring, Knowledgeable, Admirable, Special, Youthful, Humble

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